Left to right -- Wira (the chief rival), Hamida, Aaliyah, Gulyaar, and Walid (the villain)
Aaliyah is the leader of the trio--she rides on a bike and her power is blasting flames from her hands. Her gloves help control the intensity of the fire. She is very confident, outgoing, and courageous, but also rather impatient. 
Aaliyah is Afro-Pakistani. 
Aaliyah's props
Wira ("The Garuda," as he calls his superhero persona) is loud, bombastic, and flamboyant in his hero getup; internally, however, he is deeply insecure and aloof. His superpower is flight (but only via a winged contraption added to his outfit that he built himself) and super-strength.
Wira is Tamil and Javanese.  
Gulyaar loves being cute even in combat, and places a lot of importance on her fashion aesthetic. She is bubbly, talkative, (overly) friendly, and an expert archer. 
Gulyaar is Uyghur.
Hamida enjoys being tough, dark and brooding, and a public menace (or so she likes to think--she is not intimidating at all to others). She pretends to be annoyed with Gulyaar but is secretly crushing on her. She is an expert swordsman and also frequently uses a mace. 
Hamida is Japanese and Malay-Singaporean.
One of the biggest challenges I faced while designing Hamida was the question of how she would communicate her emotions effectively without ever showing her face--so, she relies very heavily on full-body expressions
Walid is a business tycoon who seeks to make the superhero force a lucrative industry, where he trains heroes to become flawless personas essentially worshipped by the public. Wira works under him and loathes his job but is afraid of Walid's power in the hero workforce. Walid has no special abilities; he is just insanely wealthy. The three girls, as an independent superhero team, are a threat to his business hegemony.
Walid is Indian. 
Background characters

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