"The Rose Garden" is a story that takes place in British India where Dawood, a gardener looking for work, is hired by a British general to tend to the unkempt rose hedge surrounding his bungalow. Dawood's work becomes increasingly arduous and near-impossible, as the rose hedge keeps violently growing back no matter how much it is cut down--Dawood then slowly discovers that the rose hedge is a yaksha (a forest spirit) that has killed all previous gardeners, that the general's maid servant has been secretly feeding the yaksha meat and blood to keep it alive in hopes of it overgrowing and swallowing up the bungalow (and the general inside), and that Dawood has been conned by the general into what is practically slave labor until death. As a result, the gardener must learn to work with the yaksha and the seemingly cold and hostile maid--while keeping the gun-happy general satiated--in order to escape his fate.
(Much of this is still in its exploration stages, but I like to keep my progress visible until all the final designs are done.)
Dawood - The main character 
Charles Byron - The general (who has been forced into paid leave by his higher ups for the past decade because of an...unknown incident). 
Muthu - the maid
Her village was destroyed by the British general when she was ten years old, and her brother was killed in the event. For that reason, she has been trying to exact slow revenge on Charles. 
The rose yaksha

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